Our Members

We expect our members to actively participate in church life by:

  • living faithfully as a disciple of Jesus Christ
  • habitually joining with others in public worship
  • regularly praying for the members and ministry of St Stephen’s
  • consistently encouraging each other as disciples of Jesus
  • promoting the gospel of Christ in our community
  • using their gifts and talents to serve
  • financially supporting the ministry on a regular basis

Name tags indicate you are not simply visiting us, but have decided to become one of us. This is the point where St Stephen’s is no longer ‘them’, but ‘us’.

Deciding to join St Stephen’s is a big step. It is a step we hope you will make and which we believe you will enjoy. Please visit us a number of times and get to know us; read the pages on who we are and what we stand for; and enjoy a chat with a member of our ministry team. They will be happy to tell you more about our ministry and answer any questions you may have.

There is a brochure in the church foyer that explains membership further. Completing the form in the brochure and returning it to our minister is the formal step that makes you a member.