Our Goal

St Stephen’s exists to make Christ fully known among our members and the community of North Balwyn.

Our goal is to make each individual a mature disciple of Christ:

  • who is open to God’s work in their life and is prayerfully dependent on God
  • who perseveres with deep assurance of God’s grace to them, expressed in Christ
  • whose passion is to know Christ, worship Christ, and make Christ known
  • who is disciplined and faithful in following Christ, applying God’s word to every aspect of their life
  • who is a repentant sinner living a godly life and striving to become more like Christ
  • who displays evidence of the fruit of God’s spirit in their life
  • who plays their part in the healthy functioning of the church
  • who uses their gifts to love and serve Christ in the world
  • who gives gracious testimony to our Lord

We are committed to ministry within our local community, although we also look beyond this local horizon to the national horizon with mission partnership with the Bush Church Aid Society, and to the international horizon with mission partnership with the Church Missionary Society.

Our ministry seeks to:

  • bring people together as disciples of Christ
  • spiritually nourish people from scripture
  • inspire Christ-focused worship
  • encourage prayer
  • promote a rich devotional life
  • enable meaningful small group participation
  • provide gift-based opportunities to serve
  • reach our community with the gospel of Christ through engaging outreach and attractive social activities
  • promote genuine Christian community, with warm fellowship, gracious relationships and effective pastoral care