Our Faith

St Stephen’s upholds and affirms orthodox Christian faith as found in scripture and as understood within the Reformed Evangelical Anglican tradition.

God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, graciously loves us, and has adopted us as His children to be heirs in His kingdom. We want to reflect this grace and forgiveness to our community. We are dependent on God in prayer.

God the Son, Jesus Christ, died on the cross as our Saviour and physically rose from the dead. He ascended into heaven and He is Lord. We want to be Christ- centred and preoccupied with making Him known and seeing Him glorified within our local community and beyond.

God the Holy Spirit works in each individual, bringing them to new birth in Christ and to maturity as His disciple. We seek the work of God’s Spirit in each person and promote the Spirit’s fruit in our lives.

The Bible is the Word of God and we trust its authority, reliability and relevance in developing our relationship with God, and in living faithfully as disciples of Christ.

We are committed to spiritual nourishment through Word and Sacrament, and embrace our Anglican tradition, doctrine and structure. We uphold the historic faith of the Christian Church as stated in the  Creeds, and reflected in the doctrine of the 39 articles of the Anglican Church, and in the Book of Common Prayer.

We are called by God to be faithful disciples of Christ; who are prayerfully dependent on God; who persevere with deep assurance of God’s grace to us expressed in Christ; who desire to worship Christ, know Him, and make Him known; who take God’s word into every aspect of our life; who are repentant sinners living godly lives and striving to become more like Christ; who play our part in the healthy functioning of the church; and who use our gifts to love and serve others.

We are the body of Christ and we are committed to being a community of Christian believers, characterized by a gracious Christian spirit, welcoming to others, active in love and service, and nurturing of others.

We believe people reach spiritual maturity through God’s work in their life; through personal discipline and faithfulness in following Christ; through reading and submitting to God’s word; through prayer and worship; through encouragement; and through fellowship with others.

We believe the gospel of Christ is good news for people of every nation, race and language, and we want to radiate from Greythorn a visible, vibrant Christian presence that glorifies Jesus and draws people into a relationship with Him.