Exploring Faith

If you would like to know more about the Christian Faith, please talk to one of the ministry team. We would love to introduce you to Jesus and we can easily meet with you to answer your questions.

Getting a Bible
We believe the best way to find out about Jesus and the Christian faith is to read a modern translation of the Bible. Although the original is written in ancient Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, there is no need for modern readers to read 15th century English translations.
St Stephen’s would love to assist you obtain a good modern translations of the Bible suitable for contemporary family use, subsidized to an affordable price. Consequently we are delighted to offer free Bibles to members of our community. For further information, or to request a bible, contact the Senior Minister at St Stephen’s using the email link on the contact us page

Find our more about Jesus
Introducing God is a program for exploring Christian Faith. Meeting in a small group of mainly non-believers, we aim to explain what Christians believe and answer your questions in a fun, relaxed and friendly manner.


Our previous member, Karen Morris has developed a website explaining Jesus and the foundational  ideas of Christian faith. She is happy for you to click graphicfaith.org.au to learn more.