Our Ministry Leaders

St Stephen’s affirms the ministry of every member, male and female, according to their giftedness, with each member taking responsibility for our ministry of proclaiming Christ and helping people grow to maturity in Christ.

Rod Morris has served as Senior Minister at St Stephen’s since 2009. He is married to Karen, and they have two children. He enjoys family activities, reading spy novels, cinema, soccer, swimming and holidays at the beach. Rod trained for ministry at Moore Theological College in Sydney, and was ordained in Melbourne. He has previously served in the parishes of St Barnabas Broadway, St Hilary’s Kew, and Ormond Anglican. He has served as the Dean of Ridley University College, and as a CMS missionary with the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in Spain and Belgium. Rod serves the wider church through CMS, the Ridley Preachers’ Conference, committees of the Bush Church Aid Society, and through various diocesan roles, including Area Dean of Whitehorse.

Rod Morris (Senior Minister)

Hugh Prentice trained at Ridley Melbourne and was ordained in Melbourne, but has lived much of his life in Africa, as the child of Missionary parents, and then serving with his wife Dorothy at St Philip’s Theological College in Kongwa, Tanzania and at the Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary. Hugh has three adult children. Hugh has a ministry focus on the spiritual encouragement of our older adult members.

Hugh Prentice (Honorary Associate Minister)

Paul Mangohig is a graduate of the Melbourne School of Theology. Originally from the Philippines, and growing up in Darwin, Paul oversees our youth ministry whilst preparing for service with Wycliffe Bible Translators. Paul works half time for St Stephen’s.

Paul Mangohig (Youth Minister)

Nicola Mangohig oversees our Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry. She is a student at the Melbourne School of Theology, and together with her husband Paul is preparing for missionary service with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

Dan Reid is an Authorised Lay Minister. Originally from Perth, Dan is married to Jo from Singapore. They have four young children. Dan is a graduate in Theology from Ridley Melbourne and works as a nurse at the Austin Hospital. Dan assists in our preaching ministry.

Jenni Dyson is an Authorised Lay Minister. A member of St Stephen’s since her own youth, Jenni is passionate about seeing our children and youth grow to know and love Jesus, whilst also encouraging and caring for our older members.

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