Our Governance

Our Governance

St Stephen’s is part of the Anglican Church of Australia.

The Parish is governed by the Constitution of the Anglican Church of Australia, and the Parishes Act 2013 of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

The Senior Minister of St Stephen’s is the Reverend Rod Morris. The Reverend Canon Hugh Prentice serves part time as Honorary Associate Minister, and Paul Mangohig serves as our Youth Minister.

The Church Warden’s are members of the congregation who take particular responsibility for the stewardship and good management of our property, finances, and material possessions.

Our Parish Council consists of the Senior Minister, the Church Wardens, and a number of congregational members elected at the Annual Meeting or appointed by the Senior Minister. The Parish Council, is chaired by the Senior Minister. Minutes of our Parish Council meetings are available on request, and recent minutes are posted on the notice board of the Church Ministry Centre.

Contact details for Parish Council members can be found in the church directory or obtained by contacting the church office.

Our Parish Officers for 2019 are:

Church Wardens: Seng Hee Tan, Gus McLean & John Dyson

Parish Councillors: Penny Harris, Dorothy Prentice, Sue Beale, & Jo Reid

Parish Treasurer: Dorothy Prentice

Parish Secretary: Penny Harris

Incumbency Committee: Gus McLean, Dan Reid & John Dyson